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Energy Project Development & Management

Originally founded in 1999, BacGen has implemented hundreds of turn-key, public agency energy projects in the Western U.S., predominately sited and serving energy loads at municipal water and wastewater facilities.

Responsibilities typically include renewable energy project audits or feasibility studies, including project suitability pertinent to location, optimal applied technologies, geotechnical, structural, preliminary design, load and capacity, utility regulatory and tariffs, political, policy and strategic considerations, permitting, interconnection, stakeholder negotiation and education.

Over the past decade, BacGen expanded its considerable expertise in energy conservation project development and project finance strategies to most effectively address the growing renewables sector, with a primary focus on solar photovoltaic, biomass, fuel cells and wind.

Current and past project clients include the State of Utah, the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation, the Oregon University System, the University of Utah, the Portland Community College, the Salt Lake Community College, the Utah Transit Authority and the Utah Army National Guard.


BacGen is an independent consultant that has direct experience with many aspects of energy project development. Consultation may include:

  • Site specific considerations, such as artifacts (SHPO), Environmental Assessment (EA/NEPA / REC), FAA, County and City permitting, flood plain, wetland, conditional land use permitting, local building code, electrical and building code.

  • Project economics, near and long term cost savings potentials versus retail energy markets; Carbon Offset impacts and economics.

  • Economic development potentials and impacts primary, secondary and tertiary.

  • Securing and optimally leveraging project finance structures Federal, state, municipal and utility bonding, grants and incentives, vendor financing, third-party tax equity finance, private banking and renewable asset funds.

  • RFQ/RFP document development, questions and answers, mandatory site visits, interview process, vendor proposal analysis, evaluation and scoring, interviewing, reporting and vendor selection recommendations. This includes detailed specs for the materials, warranty and code compliance.

  • Contracts negotiations, system specifications, vendor and system performance guarantees and warranties, system costs and terms, indemnifications, O&M, M&V.

  • Net metering and interconnect agreement application and negotiations.

  • Design review, project coordination and owner representative/liaison during implementation.

  • Project commissioning and sign-off, including O&M manual, final inspections, final paperwork pertinent to incentives, final invoicing.

  • Audits

    BacGen has performed hundreds of energy conservation audits, predominately sited and serving energy loads at municipal water and wastewater facilities in the western US. In this process, BacGen conducts a thorough evaluation of the facility, through site visits, interviews, data collection, modeling and benchmarking. BacGen provides a complete analysis of the system and an overview of the recommendations for review by facility staff. BacGen provides a funding proposal for the project, designed to mitigate upfront cost by using incentive funds, low interest loans or other funding mechanism.

    BacGen has delivered close to 25,000 MWh/year in savings across 70 projects as an energy efficiency contractor for Southern California Edison, the Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO), and the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). These savings represent a carbon offset of 3,750 tons of CO2 per year. The energy efficiency work over this period has compiled energy savings equivalent to the output of a 20 MW solar facility, a remarkable achievement, saving its clients $1.5 mm per year (at $0.06 / kWh).

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